The Balance of the Sun



It had been a long and lovely day, and a lot of hours had taken place in it.

The healthy people had been eating apple-crumble, and the sick people had been thinking of those days when they, too, had been eating apple-crumble.


Silver plates were cleaned
Soap bubbles were blown
Fish were caught
and Bells were cast
that day.


And the whole day through, the Sun had been shining criss-cross all over the country, smiling on everything and everyone in the whole wide world.

When evening set in and the light began to fade, the purple holes in the ground sent out their cooling breath - right up into the tree-tops where the busy birds stopped chattering. Struck with awe, they turned to that Mecca where the Sun would slowly wheel into his night palace. They pulled their feathers closer together because they knew only too well that it was easy to catch a cold on religious occasions.