Rainer Reisenberger

Born in Vienna of Romanian-Hungarian gypsy origins, he was evacuated and exiled to the Swiss border as the Russians engulfed Vienna at the end of the war. There followed an idyllic mountain childhood and his first camera.

Following a university career in Law and Languages and land surveying work that awoke an intense interest in the landscape, he became Curator of Photographic Media at Vienna’s Museum of History.

A confirmed Anglophile, he moved to Watford at 23 and worked as a psychiatric nurse and then taught languages. All the while he was taking photographs.

He died before this exhibition came to fruition, but was based in Canterbury for 23 years where he divided his activity between his translation company and frequent photographic trips to ever more exotic places.

"My eye as a photographer is for detail or composition, balance between light and shade. I nearly only take pictures in late afternoon, almost exclusively in colour, and prefer telephoto lenses. I only takes slides, mostly various Fujichromes, sometimes Agfa, hardly ever Kodak. I work quickly, and nearly always crop tightly in the viewfinder, with no later cropping."

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