The photographs from the exhibition and the portfolio on the site at any one time are available as high-quality photographic prints, framed or unframed, approx 40 by 27 cm (14 by 11 inches) large. Should you have any different special requirements, please let us know via E-mail.

If you're interested in buying prints, please tick the box and indicate which prints you are interested in. Make sure to leave your full contact details so that I can get back to you with pricing information.

The pictures presented on this site are low-resolution scans and unsuitable for professional reproduction.

All pictures in the Photographers Abroad exhibition have been taken with various brands of Fujichrome film, Agfachrome and Kodak Ektachrome.

All camera settings manual with apertue priority. All pictures taken with telephoto zoom lenses, none with tripod. All pictures composed in viewfinder and printed to exact-same dimensions except for minimal cropping on two pictures.

Cameras: an old Yashica (4x4), Nikon F2 and Nikon F4.


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