The Millennium Exhibition brilliantly conceived by Canterbury City Council's Art Department and Museums has now opened at the prestigious Whitstable Museum and Art Gallery in Whitstable's Oxford Street and is due to be shown until 22 January 2000.

It is a charming and cleverly-put-together multi-media art show by many different contributors from various branches of the arts, and I am pleased to have been asked to contribute a few of my pictures to it as well as provide the image for the exhibition poster.

Canterbury City Council must be congratulated on its 'previousness' in taking a pot-shot, fired in jest rather than anger, at the Millennium Dome in London before this has yet been opened to the public, by presenting in this tongue-in-cheek exhibition 'inventive and amusing uses of the dome shape in places other than Greenwich', wittily juxtaposing various exhibits ranging from a semi-spherical hoover to an alleged likeness of William Hague's dome-shaped baldness, interlaced with fine hair-line cracks. Subversive or what? Perhaps. Delicious? Definitely!

10.30 am - 1 pm, 2 - 4 pm daily except Wednesday & Sunday. Admission is free!

closed 24 December to 3 January inclusive except special opening Wednesday 29 and Thursday 30 December.

Whitstable Art Gallery is in the town centre in Oxford Street, close to the Theatre, Library and St. Mary's Hall, and in walking distance of the car parks and railway station.

Disabled access is possible to all public areas. Educational resources are provided as part of the exhibition programme.

Whitstable Museum & Gallery is part of Canterbury City Council's Museums & Galleries Service.


Whitstable Museum Gallery
Oxford Street • Whitstable • Kent • Great Britain
Tel: +44 (0) 1227 276998

Palatial confectionery of Rajasthan,
Onion Domes at Fort Deogarh, India

Reflecting on eternal love and grief,
Taj Mahal Palace in Agra, India

and additionally:

Cones of fertility, tomb of pilgrimage in the Hadramawt, South Yemen

and the title picture:

A pair of gleaming domes of the Al Ashrafyia Mosque in Ta'izz, Yemen